The Amazon rainforest is one of the most fascinating and incredible resources of the entire planet. It is composed of a delicate series of ecosystems that holds millions of animals, plants and more, many of which have become integral to our everyday lives. And of the most fascinating herbs and mushrooms to be discovered and used in the Amazon rainforest are Amazon adaptogens. These powerful plants and fungi are known to help our bodies deal with the stresses we encounter every day.Here is your guide to Amazon adaptogens and how they can help you be healthier and live a better, less stressful life.What are adaptogens?Amazon adaptogens are a special kind of plant and mushroom that contain compounds and nutrients that help with the body’s natural reaction to stress. Essentially, they act like a thermostat. When your body is riding high in emotional stress, these plants and mushrooms can help your body create the compounds it needs to regulate the stress reactions. If it’s a physical stress, the compounds can be broken down in other ways to help the body.These adaptogens are sometimes called “Amazon adaptogens” simply because many of them are found in the Amazon rainforest in South America.

Scientists have longed headed to the Amazon for the many types of plants and remedies found there, which are then distilled down and turned into the pharmaceuticals and treatments people use every day, from drugs to help with heart conditions to pain remedies and more.In their natural state, Amazon adaptogens can help your body better deal with the many stresses of everyday life without resorting to a complicated regimen of supplements.What are Examples of Adaptogens and Their Benefits?Some examples of Amazon adaptogens include:• Amla: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, minor laxative.• Ashwagandha: immune tonic, fertility, nervine relaxant, antispasmodic.• Cordyceps: liver and kidney protectant, immune aid, fatigue remedy, fertility tonic.• Eleuthero: immune tonic, nervine, hypoglycemic, endurance booster.• Holy basil: nervine, immune system tonic, antioxidant, antiviral, carminative (gas reliever), diuretic, expectorant.Literally hundreds of Amazon adaptogens exist, and many more are being discovered. No matter what you are looking for in improving your health and lifestyle, there may be an adaptogen that can help.What are the Best Ways to Consume Adaptogens?People have been consuming Amazon adaptogens in myriad ways for hundreds of years, from eating them raw and cooking them into meals to distilling them into teas and, more recently, blending them into smoothies and drinks. While some do better in different forms than others, many people enjoy getting their adaptogens by drinking all-natural energy drinks.No matter how you enjoy and get your regular intake of Amazon adaptogens, remember that these powerful herbs and fungi should be consumed as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle. They can help you deal with your stress, but they should never be taken as a substitute to prescriptions and advice from your medical professional. Be sure to enjoy the benefits of adaptogens to their fullest by using them in conjunction with a healthy way of living.

By Haadi