The blogging community has come a long way in the last seven or eight years. A few years ago, bloggers numbered only a few thousand. Today, there are more than 500,000 bloggers around the world, and there is no sign of the blogging business phenomenon slowing down. Every day, new bloggers are making their online presence known. How exactly are bloggers able to keep their blogs going?

Just like any other online venture, there are costs involved in keeping up a blog. These costs may include hosting, domain registration, maintenance fees and other costs associated with keeping a blog up and running. So if you are thinking of establishing a blog presence, you need to have a budget set aside or consider advertising to offset the costs.

You may not agree with placing advertising on your blog, believing that doing so commercializes your blog. A blog is a personal venture, one where you voice your opinion about things that matter to you and to your readers. Advertising on your blog may appear, in your view, to dilute your message. However, the fact is that advertising can give your blog strength and credibility to your readers. Many bloggers today are using the power of advertising to their advantage. By treating their blog as a business, they are able to spike up their readership, establish themselves as experts in their fields and continuously drive traffic to their blogs. There is no reason you shouldn’t do the same with your blogging business.

On the surface, it may appear like a contradiction to write about serious issues on your blog and make money off it through advertising. For instance, if you have a passion for politics, human rights or environmental issues, it may not sit well with you in principle if you have advertising on your blog in order to augment the costs of running it. However, your blog is a business, regardless of what your passion is. Keep in mind that your readers are activists, too, and would want to be able to make a difference in their own way. Your blog can be that instrument — when your blog has links to other similar or related sites that your readers can visit.

Some bloggers frown upon the idea of putting links on blogs, but the fact is that links can be valuable to both you and your readers. Links related to your blog will be viewed by your readers as useful sources of your knowledge on the subject you are writing about. At the same time, the links can provide you with a source of income so you can continue to write for your blog. It’s the best of both worlds — using your blog as a way for you to share your thoughts on issues that matter to you and a way for you to earn a little money on the side. There’s no harm in making money doing what you love! You can read more about setting up a successful blog at.

You may be worried, though, that treating your blog as a business may interfere with your message. Like any other business, your blog needs careful planning, especially when it comes to choosing the links and advertising you place on your blog. This is where careful research plays an important role. If you research your links carefully, you give your blog credibility and show your readers you are knowledgeable about the subject you are blogging about. When your readers see that the links you have on your blog take them to sites where they can learn more about your blog topic, you build trust with your readers; they will come to trust you and the information you provide them, as well as keep coming back to your blog. On the business side, you earn commissions on every click to pertinent links on your blog.

You can both educate your readers and make money with your blog. The key is in careful planning and picking out links and advertising relative to what you are blogging about. This way you can supply your readers with your knowledge, build credibility and make some money to keep your blog up.

By Haadi