if you haven’t yet purchased your equipment, you can use these questions to help you select the best ones and save yourself some unnecessary hassle in the future. Question #1: Is your candy attractively displayed?You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It’s all about presentation.” While it’s important that you’re selling candy your customers want to buy, it’s also important you’re displaying this candy in the most attractive way possible. In other words, candy containers in fun or convenient shapes are going to work better than just setting the candy on the counter in the same shipping box it arrived in, right?Question #2: Is your candy conveniently displayed?You might create the most attractive candy displays around, but they’re useless if your customers can’t conveniently access the candy. For example, you should make sure your racks rotate if they’re positioned in a tight spot, as well make sure your candy containers are positioned to high on a shelf or rack. Question #3: Has your candy store equipment impaired your customers’ convenience?This is especially important when it comes to choosing display racks of any variety. You must make sure your racks, tables, and other displays are positioned in such a way that your customers are able to both easily view the candy as well as move around them to another location in your store. Question #4: Have you chosen the best candy store equipment for your store?This question might seem a bit odd – as the point of this article is to help you determine whether you’re using the right equipment, after all – but, depending on the kind of store you have, there are certain kinds of candy store fixtures that are better suited than others.For example, if you manage a store that sells candy, but isn’t in the business of selling ONLY candy, you might want to consider purchasing pre-filled candy displays such as gumball machines, lollipop trees, or even pre-filled bucket racks. You can find these display fixtures filled with popular and novelty candies sure to please your customers AND save you some time when it comes to setting up your displays!Question #5: Is your candy store equipment safest for your store’s environment?There are two factors you need to consider when determining whether your candy store fixtures are safe for your store’s environment:
Your store’s usual volume of traffic.













The rowdiness of your store’s usual customers.
If your store generally sees high volumes of traffic – or, even if your store doesn’t see high volumes of traffic but the traffic it does see usually consists of excited, hyper children – you want candy fixtures that will withstand any accidents such traffic can cause. To make sure you have these kinds of fixtures in place, consider these two tips:
Choose your containers wisely. Specifically, choose whether you use glass or plastic containers wisely.
Make sure your display stands – whether they be wire display racks, wicker basket displays, or wooden table displays – wisely. Make sure whatever kind of display stand you choose will hold up to customers bumping into them, leaning over them, or even trying to rotate them when they’re models not meant to be rotated.

By Haadi