The summary of this chapter
The stamina is all kinds of physical ability for human beings so that they are able to adapt to have a living, work as well as study and the other kinds of activities. The physical abilities are able to divide into two types. Two types of stamina are related to body health as well as achievements of sports.

It mainly started from the point of view of physiology in this chapter. There is brief about body ability and assessment statement. Furthermore; there are still some problems on physiology. These problems are in relation to affect body ability and develop stamina. Doing in this way for laying the foundation so that master the theory and ways of having body training further.

The first quarter: the foundation of physiological about training of endurance.
Here is endurance and evaluation indicator. The endurance is one kind of ability which can support people to have lasting events. We are able to make it a vital symbol for healthy as well as better stamina. At the same time it will have an effect on the qualities of life as well as multitudes of athletics events. Especially it is an important factor for endurance matches’ performance.

There are a lot of methods or ways for making out the endurances. In the light of connections which are between staying power and sports-specific, we are able to fall into general endurance and specialized endurance in common cases. It is in the light of main body organs and systems that are involved in the training of endurance while the mettle power could be split into two kinds, such as, muscular endurance along with heart and lungs endurance.

There is one way to make out the endurance and they are aerobic stamina along with anaerobic endurance according to these characters from supersession of energy when they are doing sports.

The endurance evaluation index will be able to offer quite difference, which are caused by different sorting technique of endurance.

The general endurance is often estimated by the time or distance which people are able to continue fishing the whole activities. For instance, they are the time of usual endurance running or the distance of 12 minutes running and so on.

There is close relationship between aerobic stamina and heart and lungs endurance as well as the maximal oxygen uptake and anaerobic threshold usually. For this way, we will make assessment with these two indexes.

There is the common appraisement for anaerobic endurance, which is made the best use of performance of anaerobic sports and the transformation of density of blood lactate. In another side, the muscle is estimated by accomplishing the practices times for specified strength along with average apply work capacity. Or there are also assessments and detection, which is something about physics frequency of SEMG average power and change slope as well as physical signs.

By Haadi