Online poker, which was introduced at the beginning of the 21st century, has achieved a great success, in the States before and in Europe and in many other countries then. The new poker generation still has all those peculiarities that have made traditional poker famous and appreciated all over the world, and apart from this it also has other advantages. With the traditional game it shares the capacity to call forth strong emotions, and the necessity to put into practice some abilities, like the capacity to concentrate, to study opponents trying to guess their intentions, and the ability to bluff: for all these features poker differs from many other types of gambling, which are basically based on luck. To play these games, indeed, players do not need to use special abilities, while if you want to win at poker, luck is not always enough, although a good hand can certainly help, and in some cases it can even be decisive for the outcome of the game. The same rules apply also to online poker: no matter if you choose Texas Hold’em or any other variation, in any case “virtual players” need to concentrate and rely on their abilities and experience, not only on good luck.


The advantages of online poker can easily be understood: like any other online game, also online poker gives players the possibility to challenge other people without leaving their house, simply connecting to the internet. For this reason online poker is now a very widespread activity, and there are many websites and virtual poker rooms that host games and tournaments. Due also to this competition, many virtual poker rooms try to offer always different and more useful tools and services to make it easier to play, thus attracting more and more users. One of the latest innovations in the field of online poker is the Hand History Converter, a necessary tool to display in the simplest and most understandable way the hand history, i.e. to write down the steps of a game. All the types of software of the poker rooms give users the possibility to see the hands histories, but very often they are not very easy to understand: for this reason converters are very useful tools, which permit a clearer transcription of the hand history, but which also give users the possibility to post them in forums and to send them via e-mail in a very easy way. There are various types of converters, and the most useful ones are the multifunction ones, which permit users to choose the display mode that they prefer. For example, you can display the hand history in Flash, HTML or BB mode. One of the most appreciated display modes is probably the Flash Replayer, which permits users to post in forums a replayer that reproduces what has happened at the game table.

By Haadi