For most of American history, large metropolitan cities have been linked to entrepreneurship and big business. New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco… the list of huge business-focused cities in this country can go on and on.

But because of this focus on big cities, many are becoming very expensive, crowded, and hard to thrive in as a new business. Because of this, many entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses are taking their ideas and their companies to smaller towns and cities around the country.

Before you decide to do this with yourself and your business, keep reading. We’re going over 3 things you need to consider when choosing between a small town vs big city options for your company.

1. Office Space

One of the main things that are driving people out of larger cities is the issue of space.

New York is perhaps the most classic example of overcrowding. But most major cities like Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and more are all becoming very crowded for businesses. This decreases the amount of permanent and private office space that’s available to companies.

One solution besides moving from a big city is to opt for a coworking space that can be rented out as needed. This decreases expenses and the need to have large amounts of employees in the crowded cities.

Other businesses find it easier to move to city suburbs or locations that are somewhat close to metropolitan areas in small towns. However, a big drawback with that solution is that the business address is no longer as impressive or prestigious.

By Haadi