The communication is quite significant in the quality management. The communication plays a significant role in the quality management in the organisations as it allows the companies to understand the requirement of the customers and thus ensure that the products are developed as per the requirements of the customers. Furthermore the efficient communication network allows the company to identify the sources of issues and identify the point that has to be rectified. Lastly,Role of communication in Quality system Articles the above schematic diagram for the implementation of ISO 27001 standards shows, that the efficient communication is required for the implementation of the quality system. In the development of quality system including standards for quality control the communication is quite important.  This is because it is important to understand what is expected by the customers and thus the customer satisfaction surveys and complaint resolution process form integral part of the communication.

The customer service surveys have a significant role in the development of the quality services and products and enhancement of the product quality and features. In case of Experian the product is intangible but has tangible attributes while it can also be associated with services that are provided by the company. Thus the importance of customer satisfaction survey increases as in a way both products and services are provided by the company to its customers. The various advantages of the customer satisfaction surveys to Experian have been discussed below:

  • Enhancing Strategies: It will enable Experian in developing strategies and thus the make suitable changes to the products and how the data is processed. T
  • his is incorporated in the data models so that efficient and high quality products are developed.
  • Areas of improvement: The customer satisfaction surveys provide the information on the products and areas that need improvement and thus suitable steps may be taken so that the quality of the product and services offered are not impacted.
  • Implement New Ideas: The new ideas are implemented and thus innovative ways in the development of the product and the quality services are provided and at the same time involvement with the system and improvement of efficiency of the existing products are ensured. Overall the customer satisfaction surveys results in growth of the company in terms of the new products and services and also the consideration for the existing products.
  • Collection of further data: In case of Experian the customer data is the raw material for the further development and estimation of customer needs. Thus the data collected as part of the customer satisfaction process can act as resources that enable the development of new products and added features.

By Haadi