For Sale by Owner
When a potential buyer sees a For Sale by Owner property he or she should contact their realtor before contacting the For Sale by Owner. And when the buyer makes an offer on the For Sale by Owner Property he or she needs representation on the sale. The buyer always needs representation for many reasons.

Home Inspections
Most buyers do not know to ask for home inspections, what they cost, or who to call to do one. If there is work to be done on an inspection report, a buyer should negotiate, and a REALTOR has skill and experience at this.

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New Home Sites
New home site buyers need to hire a REALTOR to look out for their interests, too. Remember, the site agent is there to protect the builder’s interest and therefore everything will be geared towards what benefits the builder, not the buyer. When registering at a new home site, be sure to include your agent’s phone number, name, and company.

Dual Agency: The Listing Agency
When a REALTOR chooses to represent the seller AND the buyer, this is considered dual agency. A buyer’s rights are not emphasized in these circumstances. Bringing a REALTOR onto the buyer’s side equalizes the sale, and gives the buyer much needed experience and professional advice.

Earnest Money Deposit
When the buyer makes an offer on a For Sale by Owner – who makes the Earnest Money deposit? How does a buyer obtain the deposit back if the contract falls through? A REALTOR will place the money in an escrow account.

Buyer’s Broker Agreement
A buyer’s broker protects the buyer’s interest in the transaction. In Virginia, the seller pays the commission, so by law the listing agent and the selling agent have to protect the seller’s interest. So, if you select a buyer’s broker to work with you on the home purchase, you will be represented in the sale.

By Haadi