How mobile app development is impacting the travel and tourism industry?

Smart booking apps
Intelligent booking systems and apps help travellers in several functions like price comparison, setting up reminders, save future bookings, getting timely notifications of new offers and discounts, etc. These smart apps make the transactions paperless and hassle-free by providing travellers with digital receipts, related PDF files, boarding passes, even passports or other necessary documents. These apps increase the connectivity and conversation with travellers and tourists and keep them informed about all their travel details. Thus, a smart travel app ensures an excellent experience for the customers.

Real-time tracking
Today, real-time tracking has become a necessity for most travel and tourism businesses. This feature increases the visibility and allows tracking of cars, buses, etc. They allow tracking of high-traffic routes, bad weather conditions, etc. well in advance and plan the travel accordingly. It is being predicted that in the future, all the transport systems will rely on real-time tracking. So, having a dedicated mobile app ensures smart navigation and will be an excellent idea for a travel and tourism company.

Tailor Made Travels
With highly advanced technologies like AI, IoT, etc. travel and tourism apps have become much smarter and provide customized services to their users. Different end-users have different travel needs and a single app can provide them a wide range of options. Whether the routes, places to visit, travel times, budget constraints, services or the means of transport, a single app can tailor to the specific needs of different customers and help them make informed decisions and plan better trips.


Cashless transactions
Security is a big concern while visiting new places. Thefts or quarrels for cash can turn off the travel mood of travellers and tourists. However, a mobile app enables cashless traveling as much as possible, just in a few taps on the smart phones. There are several options available for quick online payments in a travel app, thus, ensuring the security of the money of travellers and tourists.

Direct communication with customers
Travel mobile apps act as a direct channel for communicating with the users. So, the app has all the user history which benefits a travel business to analyse the interest of users, stay connected with them and send messages to them. Also, the customers can chat with the travel companies to solve their queries regarding travel times, tickets, doubts about queries, etc. Travel companies can stay in touch with the users even after the trip is completed and maintain a friendly contact with them. They can send those notifications regarding exciting deals and offers and thus do direct marketing.

By Haadi