Body Mind College welcomes prospective students with the mission to “imagine a massage school where learning isn’t limited to your mind, it is expanded to your experience; a place where learning means to embody and experience knowledge on all levels; a place where you are nurtured and supported to grow and learn and are surrounded by a community of like minded people; a place where you can feel heard; a place where you can find inspiration. This is what we offer to our students at Body Mind College.”

The intriguing 1000-hour holistic health practitioner program offered at Body Mind College is an in-depth instructional course that encompasses studies in bodywork (connection, releasing trauma, and intention), anatomy, herbology, holistic apprenticeship, integration, massage technician, nutrition; personal body, emotional and mental clearing; physiology and practical training; and electives.

Body Mind College also affords applicants with appropriate training in its 520-hour massage therapist program. This course of study entails unique curriculum and hands-on instruction in a variety of bodywork skills (connection, releasing trauma, and intention), anatomy, massage technician, personal body clearing, physiology, progressive deep tissue massage, shiatsu and choice of electives.

In addition to their comprehensive holistic health and massage therapy programs, Body Mind College also provides students with a massage trainee program, which is an introductory course of study involving 200 hours of massage instruction. This particular course is distinctive as it is comprised of 100 training hours in massage technician, with “50 hours of electives and 50 hours of practicum.” Elective coursework is quite diversified, and includes hands-on training and teaching skills in counseling, deep tissue massage, emotional facilitation, hot stone massage, Jyn Shyn, Reiki, shiatsu and Tai Chi.

Furthermore, if you’d like to participate in a basic course of massage therapy training, Body Mind College also extends its 100-hour massage technician program that trains students in the fundamentals of massage therapy. In addition to hands-on training in traditional bodywork techniques, students will learn how to “connect” with the client and how to release trauma (tension) from the body.

By Haadi