When you want an unforgettable vacation you need to choose the most memorable tours. If you feel like you’ve seen and done all there is to do around the country, but you still haven’t visited the Grand Canyon, then you are missing out! A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is a completely unique experience and you can take a tour for rates that are much more affordable that you would think. When you book online, you’ll get significant discounts, allowing you to choose the trip of a lifetime.

Las Vegas

Tours to the Grand Canyon operate from Las Vegas, and on a helicopter it’s just a short 30-minute flight out to the rim. If you thought Vegas was the peak of entertainment and excitement in the region, then the Grand Canyon will really open your eyes to what a true adventure can be like.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are available for all of the family, so they’re perfect whether you’re traveling alone, with someone special, or in a group. Helicopters are smaller and allow for a more personal experience than airplane tours, and they also offer the very best views because they can fly at lower altitudes with better viewing conditions. There will be prime photo opportunities and even just taking it all in with your own eyes will be an experience in itself.


Helicopter flights can be combined with other trips so that you can get the full Grand Canyon experience. As an example, you could take a bus tour from Las Vegas to the Canyon, and then transfer to a helicopter for a landing flight that goes inside the West Rim and down to the river below. You could even choose to take an airplane tour to the South Rim, from where you could take a helicopter over one of the most rugged and majestic areas of the National Park. Bring along your video camera or still camera and you’ll be able to capture shots and footage that you will treasure forever.

When you’ve decided on the type of tour that you’re looking for and the area of the Grand Canyon t



hat you want to visit, you’ll need to find a tour company that offers great Grand Canyon helicopter discounts. You could book in Las Vegas from the hotel concierge or even from a street kiosk, but you’ll end up paying much more than what you would for an online booking. Booking on the internet means that you will get access to the best prices which are often set directly from the tour operators. There’s no ‘brick and mortar’ middleman so you don’t need to worry about price inflation. Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas are available all throughout the year, so you can plan in advance and you don’t need to worry about missing out on an opportunity the next time that you are in the city.

By Haadi