B2B e-commerce isn’t a new concept at all; its adoption rate has lagged. Many businesses could get great advantage from the adoption of a B2B e-commerce platform and has listed some tips to consider before doing so. According to a recent survey, most of the B2B e-commerce professionals plan to increase technology spends as their top technology priority, followed by order management systems. This also enables professionals to engage and communicate with more value with their partners, leads and customers.


Improves Your Sales

Generally, e-commerce transforms into instantly available, comparable and configurable products and services. With price quotes, comparisons and contract renewals available at the business user’s fingertips, B2B e-commerce platform opens up new opportunities for companies to start the sales process. There are no long queues for business consumers, they can instead quickly research the products and services they need. This platform offers information, which is also immediately available to the sales team.

Safer Sourcing and Procurement

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a lack of product images can be worth a lot more if you are losing your sales. The sales and export process becomes dynamic with images. By using images, video and even CAD integration, B2B e-commerce platform allows for a new dimension in product evaluation. Would you purchase a car without first looking what it looks like? Why business shouldn’t have safer sourcing and procurement?

Analyze and Improve Performance

Incorporating e-commerce functionality can boost new sales opportunities, but current customers can also benefit from it. B2B e-commerce facilitates personalized profiles, which on logging in render clients with recommended products, contract renewal options, and click-of-a-button re-ordering. With easy-to-update admin capabilities, businesses can track their performance in terms of relationships and engagement with their partners, customers and connections to determine the online reputation of their products, profile and company.

By Haadi