Did you know that if you model someone else’s physiology — their body language — you’ll experience new ways to think, feel, and act?

You already experience different physiologies all day long. For instance, if you are angry, you stand a certain way. If you are concentrating on something, your posture is different than if you are just sitting around waiting for things to happen. If you are happy, you are standing differently than if you are sad, etc.

If you would like to model someone else’s physiology, and don’t know where to start, tape a talk show, like Jay Leno or David Letterman or whatever, and model guest stars that you respect and admire. TIP: Before you model ANYONE, make sure you have chosen wisely.

Sit as they do, talk as they do, walk as they do. If you like the feeling of confidence you get as you model them, rewind the VCR tape and watch it again and again. Do this preferably at night, just before you go to bed, so when you are done, your body and mind will *sleep* on it.

The next morning, if you did it enough times and programmed it right, your body will unconsciously duplicate what you had modeled last night.

All day, double check your actions. Are you someone YOU would respect and admire? You hope so, right? Because, guess what? If you are, just maybe someone is going to want to model you.

By Haadi