Those days are quickly becoming a distant memory as eBay loses more ground every day to other venues.

Changes made in eBay policies during the past couple of years have made eBay increasingly seller unfriendly while driving stock prices down into the single digits.

Besides making eBay almost impossible for sellers to stay afloat and realize a profit, the bizarre policy changes and frequent increases in fees have driven many sellers away in search of less expensive and more hospitable places to market their wares.

Not only are sellers leaving eBay in droves, so are buyers.

For some reason, the long acknowledged leader of the auction sites decided to break away from its tried-and-true success formula as the place to find unique, rare and collectible items, and model itself instead after Amazon; focusing on new mass produced items from sellers such as

In a nutshell, eBay took on Amazon, and Amazon ate eBay’s lunch.

According to internet retail market studies, Amazon experienced a growth in sales last year, while eBay showed a decline in sales and traffic compared to the year before.

So, if you are an eBay seller who is barely hanging on by your fingernails, take heart! There are other websites out there that are not only seller friendly but much cheaper than eBay, and your buyers will follow you.

Amazon is a great alternative to eBay for many sellers! Basically, it depends on the type of thing you sell.

If you are a seller of vintage and collectible clothing and/or textiles, then Amazon won’t be a good fit for you because they don’t have a category for these types of items.

But, if you are drop shipping or reselling books, electronics, music or any one of a number of other products, you can leave eBay and find a new and happier home on Amazon!

Since Amazon grew in traffic and sales last year while eBay declined, you will have more traffic and potential buyers on Amazon than eBay.

Plus, you’ll find the fee structure and policies for sellers on Amazon a breath of fresh air! Besides being considerably cheaper on fees, which means more profitable for you, Amazon is extremely seller friendly.

Bonanzle is another up-and-comer on the auction site scene. Although still in is early stages, Bonanzle is growing by leaps and bounds as eBay sellers—weary of being gouged with high fees, decreased visibility due to a search function that doesn’t work properly, loss of traffic and buyers, difficult seller policies and more—are picking up their marbles on eBay and taking them to Bonanzle.

By Haadi