Asbestos can be found in many different items and was a widely used insulator in anything from electrical cords to insulation between floors at an office building.  Some clothing that needed heat insulation also used asbestos imbedded in the fabric, such as firemen’s uniforms.  Asbestos was highly utilized because it worked well and was incredibly cost efficient.  These factors remain true; however, in certain forms asbestos can be highly dangerous and is linked to causing long term health problems with exposure.



Asbestos is no longer used due to the safety concerns and the task of removing asbestos can be intensive.  A Certified Asbestos Inspector can test surfaces for the presence of asbestos and determine a course of action if asbestos is found.  The hazardous substance can be dealt in a couple of ways.  The Inspector can recommend leaving the substance in place, undisturbed; or recommend removing the asbestos and putting in a different type of insulation in its place.


If the asbestos is left undisturbed, there are a couple of additional steps needed.  The Inspector would need to make frequent periodic visits to ensure that the asbestos is not being disturbed and continue to be left alone.  Any person or employee in the immediate area should be notified of the presence of asbestos and understand the potential dangers that the asbestos presents.

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Removing the asbestos is a very exact procedure that must be executed with precision.  The process should be overseen by the Asbestos Inspector.  The area must be sealed off so other areas are not contaminated with harmful particulates.  The sealed area may require special ventilation while the work is being conducted.  The workers should utilize personal protection equipment, such as, full body suits to avoid their clothes being contaminated and face masks.  The asbestos will be loaded into bags that have been individually label so all bags can be accounted for and tracked through the process.  The bags are specially made for asbestos and will be shipped to a facility that has made the necessary preparations to store the bags.


The Asbestos Inspector can take your company from start to finish ensuring the proper steps are being taken.  The company could be fined with costly penalties if the proper steps are not taken.  One such company that tried to bypass many of the steps is being prosecuted by the EPA.  The risk is not worth the penalties when caught and it is important to involve an expert for guidance through the process.  Click hereto contact an Asbestos Inspector to start working with your company today.

By Haadi