Buying a new home brings excitement and hope for a better future. Buying a home means you want a dream place to live. For that, you will not hesitate to invest your precious life savings. But the thing is, before spending your money, it’s essential to give a comprehensive survey to the place you are moving to.

Here I am not talking about the number of rooms, bathrooms, and other things. I am talking about a complete home inspection that is necessary to evaluate any issue in the home that can reduce its value and will be a cause of trouble in the future.

Therefore, a detailed home inspection checklist is prepared for a thorough home assessment at different phases.

Home inspection while construction:
The very first home assessment begins at the time when a home is being constructed. These are the typical home assessments during construction.

Pre-Drywall Assessment
The purpose of Pre-drywall assessment is to analyze the mechanics and structure of the wall before the installation.

Foundation assessment
This inspection is done before pouring the concrete. Because, after pouring the concrete, there is quite a little and nearly no possibility of change.

Home assessment checklist for seller and buyers:
Buyers and sellers consult a trustworthy home Inspection Company to inspect premises on their behalf. The seller gives it important to get maximum profit while the buyer wants to get the best deal. So, the home inspection is equally important for the seller and the buyer.

Some buyers add home inspection as a contingency in the contract and ask sellers for repairs in case of any inconvenience.

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Following are the most important things that need to be considered during a complete home inspection:

1- Garage
Before buying a home. Always check the framework of a carport, its ventilation system, and the functionality of its door. Poor ventilation can cause carbon monoxide poisoning that can cause the death of the individual as well.

Also, poor ventilation and overheating can stimulate gasoline fume formulation that can end up with a big explosion.

By Haadi