Professional photographers are educated about recent photography developments, and have the required experience and skills needed, to photograph a particular situation or a frame. There are certain guidelines for the photographers on things they should not ignore or should not do while they are doing any photography.A) A photographer should not expect instant results.Photography is a job that requires skills and patience. Even expert photographers sometimes err in their calculations. A photographer should not jump to other trend of photo booth without understanding personal limitations and strengths. He can notice improvements after some time in his photograph style.B) A photographer should not ignore criticism.An amateur photographer becomes a mature and professional by his hard work and ability to listen.

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There will be many criticisms on his work from experts, as well as from general public. He should not completely ignore criticism but improve his work after listening or reading about critiques on his work. He should analyze and come to a conclusion, whether to ignore the criticism or improve on his work fundamentals based on the feedback.C) A photographer should not plagiarize work.Every individual has his own ideas. A photographer should not copy other’s work as his own. Professional photographers sometimes do this when they do not find any creative idea. It is wise to give credit to the original person; if at all the work or the idea is copied by the photographer. Plagiarizing work is not only unethical but also can land one in legal issues.D) Do not drink and do photography.When photographers are called for a project, they should never put their hands on alcohol even if they are invited to. An insane photographer or an intoxicated photographer not only ruins his photographs but also risks earning a bad name for himself by hosts.E) A photographer should not overload himself with assignments or do things without planning.A Professional photographer knows about handling a project correctly. He should not take all assignments coming his way immediately, one after another. There should be some gap between the assignments, so as to arrange and edit the photographs taken at an event or a project. He should always do proper planning on setting, and giving dates for his photo shoot to his hosts. That will not only give him a good rest but also give him time to set his assignments and maintain his photo equipment.If a photographer applies these rules in his life, he will earn a name of trust and reliability among his peers and clients. A photographer is always ready to work early in morning as well as late at night. He should spend his time editing, learning, researching and acknowledging.

By Haadi